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4/15/06: I just got done uploading some new pictures and such. We had a Beach Trip today and so I took some pictures and put them up. I also had posted a new piece to the Poetry page a while back.

10/24/05: I'm an older fella now. I took a bunch of pictures and had a lot of fun in Seattle this weekend. I updated my site with a new 2005 30th Birthday Page. It's got quite a few pictures on it, so if you have a slow connection, it may take a bit to load.

6/9/05: Updated the Poetry page with a new piece. As well, I added some information about my new car and a recent modification/redesign of my computer case. It's not linked up anywhere except LJ and here.

2/16/05: Updated pictures on my Friend Pics page this morning, as well as some minor updates to my Links page. BUSY BUSY BUSY!

2/16/05: Yup, I got the Links page updated!

2/16/05: Huge updates to the website. Got all the new buttons installed and I think I updated every page that needed to be updated. Everything should be gravy now. I also updated pictures on my Family Pics page and my Friend Pics page. I will be doing some work to the Links page here soon, maybe even tonight.

2/6/05: A new year with some new looks on the site. It's still under construction, so some stuff may not work right now. But, I'll get it working as soon as I can. It's 3:45am, so cut me a little slack. :) New buttons and new towers! Yay!

11/27/04: Added pictures of myself to the website, at the request of a couple of people. They are linked up in the Family Pics page. Also updated the Info About Me page with a new picture and updated stats. Will be updating the Links page soon, I think as well.


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